ALDA stand at the “Citizenship Festival”

svi 22, 2012

Good governance

On 13th of May 2012, ALDA participated with a stand at the Citizenship Festival organised in Padua. The association’ stand has shown to the young participants as the activities and the projects has evolved and still grown, since its born in 1999: in particular the intense collaboration with the western Balkans countries and the Southern Caucasus countries.
In this event, ALDA had the possibility to explain better its duties and goals and to present its network to a wide range of different targets and especially to young students, that could have the chance to start an internship in one of the ADL or the ALDA Offices thanks to the program Education without frontiers promoted by the University of Padua. We had the chance to present our activities to trainers, that could find interesting project to participate or some new ideas to improve their perception of citizenship participation; or simple curious people interested in these issues or just attracted to the stand for a few moments, that help us to create an outline of the meaning of active citizenship, in anticipation of 2013 that it is to be the European Year of active citizenship, just using a camera, some simple questions and the power of Word…
To delve further into this charming journey inside the Balkans influences, and in particular in the flavour of these countries, during the event it was possible to taste some typical products from the Balkan Region.
To conclude, the interconnections created during this event has deeply influenced all its participants: all the experiences gained, all the stories told and people met, has linked at the same times different parts of the World, different generations, different backgrounds and different issues (as education, environment, active ageing and so on) that could be melt up and still remain perfectly integrated.