ALDA training course “Citizens participation and funding opportunities to support participatory initiative” in Strasbourg

ožu 15, 2013

Citizens engagement

In the framework of the Grundtvig In Service Training Programme of the European Commission, ALDA organised the training course for participants coming from 6 different countries working on citizen participation and local democracy.

The course was aimed to provide for all candidates a deeper knowledge about the concept of active citizenship and civil dialogues in the European context and increase awareness of the role they can play in improving governance and relationships between citizens and governments at all levels.
The training last 5 days and the participants received practical information on the existing funding opportunities and mainly on the Europe for Citizens Programme. They have focused also on project cycle management and the development of joint project proposals. The training included a visit to the Conference of NGOs in the Council of Europe, the intervention of an expert on the Code of Practice and the contribution of an expert on Strasbourg policies on participatory democracy.
The training was also the opportunity to analyse the main issues of citizen participation and the importance of reducing the gap between institutions and civil society.