Congress of Self-Government of Ukraine


The Congress of Self-Government of Ukraine originated as an informal coalition in February 2022, aiming to address urgent tasks, unite civil society, engage with foreign NGOs, and collaborate across various sectors. Comprising experts, clergy, organisation heads, and local council leaders, it focused on humanitarian, ecological, procedural, spiritual, infrastructural, and agrarian issues.

Its primary objective was gathering and organising data on Ukrainian needs, obtained through local bodies and international partners, to provide assistance. The ecological aspect involved consulting leading organisations like the IAEA regarding potential risks from Russian occupation of nuclear plants and disseminating safety guidelines to the public.

The Congress played a key role in developing a Telegram chatbot for evacuation and humanitarian aid and formulated a compensation algorithm for property damage. It conducted extensive informational campaigns on medicine, ecology, energy, and governance.

Due to its informal status hindering certain engagements, the Congress formally registered as the Public Organisation “Congress of Self-Government of Ukraine” in November 2023. Its ongoing focus remains strengthening democracy, integrating with Europe, and addressing war aftermath. It supports civil society, decentralization reform, and engages in policy development. Serhii Chernov, a prominent figure in regional and international governance, leads the Congress.