Appreciating the Culture of Ravenna: The Local Path Coffee House Meeting

lip 24, 2021

Citizens engagement

With the occasion of 700th anniversary of the death of the epic poet Dante, within VALID project a meeting has been organised, in this Italian city of Ravenna, on June the 14th of 2021, were the poet is now resting in peace. During the event, the deputy councilor for Culture and representatives of Teatro delle Albe were invited. They were also joined by the citizens who attended the “CHIAMATA PUBBLICA” (Public call) initiatives of 2017 and 2019, to turn the words of the poet into arts, specifically as far as the “Hell” and “Purgatory “respectively concerns.

15 participants took part in various activities involving brainstorming and ideas-sharing. Specifically, two questions were given be they: “based on your personal experience which were the strengths for inclusion and dialogue?” and “please give some ideas and suggestions for the up-coming future”. Participants were also engaged with the creation of word clouds on different topics such as: connection between theatre and inclusion.

Artists and citizens involved with the project partners to further promote culture

People of various ages participating at the meeting, had the opportunity to both learn about the cultural contributions of the municipality; and to increase the feeling of belonging to a community, no matter the background. Dante’s work as a tool to stimulate dialogue and sharing among citizens and participants.

A third international meeting is scheduled for next September, also in Ravenna, and it will bring in artists and citizens involved with the project partners, all in order to further promote the culture of the municipality and the community.

ALDA is very much glad to travel around the cities of VALID, in fostering dialogue and social inclusion.