Art and Culture Toolbox for youth workers: discover the new outcome of the Recap project

ruj 05, 2023

Youth empowerment & Education Linked project:

The second Result of the ReCAP project has been finalised and it is now available online: the Art and Culture Toolbox is an innovative and wide set of instruments, mostly dedicated to youth workers, aimed at providing supporting tools to enhance social inclusion and empowerment of disadvantaged youngsters living during the post-pandemic era in Europe.

The Toolbox is the result of a great collaborative effort among 10 ReCAP project partners, coordinated by La Piccionaia: the work done is based upon the outcomes of the Project Result 1 Analysis of needs and local context, and the tools collected in the document were tested by the youth workers during the ReCAP Training of Trainers in June and July, which has been an essential phase for the development of the Toolbox.

The project partner La Piccionaia, responsible for the project result, coordinated the process of creation of the toolbox through two steps:

  • Collection of the inputs from the partners. Each partner, together with their youth workers, proposed a series of existing cultural, artistic, creative, and theatrical tools, used or usable with vulnerable young people. The criteria for the selection of the tools was previously agreed by all the partners, who were asked to provide different types of contributions (youth worker’s direct experience, youth workers’ knowledge, relevant theories, and literature in the specific field);
  • Adaptation of the tools. In order to adapt the collected tools to the specific needs of vulnerable young people in the post-pandemic context, emerged from Project Result 1, the partners were asked to identify and propose possible solutions for their implementation in the case of challenging situations (e.g. lockdown).

The Toolbox represents an innovative instrument in the field of youth employment to promote social inclusion

The Toolbox represents an innovation in the field of youth work in general: youth organisations that already implement art and culture as methods to promote social inclusion will finally dispose of an official tool to adress specific youngsters’ needs of the post-pandemic employment context. Moreover, the creation of the Toolbox upon the solid preliminary analysis of PR1 ensures that this tool will effectively and positively impact the quality of the youth work of the partners. 

Thanks to this useful toolbox and to the training received, 10 couples of youth workers will now be able to implement the tools that they specifically selected in their respective local contexts, while supporting vulnerable young people. The final goal is to design a specific Roadmap for social inclusion (Project Result 3): the Roadmap will lead the way of each partner to successfully intervene in their specific local communities and to become multipliers of the Toolbox, beyond the consortium.

After the publication in English, the Toolbox will be soon available in Bulgarian, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish. 

You can consult the toolbox here.

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