Capitalise on migrant capacities in Algeria

Maximising the development impact of migration


The project Capitalising Migrant Capacities in Algeria, intends to maximise the development impact of migration by addressing the problem of brain waste and de-skilling of prospective migrants and returnees in order to transform it in brain gain and to strengthen the links and the dialogue among Algerian migrants in Italy and France and migrant associations and local authorities in Algeria in the field of migration issues.
The project will achieve these goals by:

  • providing coherent pre-departure orientation;
  • encouraging highly skilled Algerian emigrants in France and Italy to contribute to the socio-economic development of Algeria;
  • facilitating the professional reintegration of returnees and prospective migrants.


The overall objective is to strengthen local economic development in Algeria by avoiding brain waste and de-skilling of prospective migrants, returnees and Algerian emigrants. The project aims in particular at balancing the negative impact of brain drain by identifying the right human capital among migrants, by strenghtening the role of civil society and local authorities and fully capitalize on migrant capacities; developing strategies to channel the capacities of prospective migrants and returnees, by enhancing the potential development of returnees and of prospective migrants and their human capital.


  • an international conference at the end of the project as an opportunity to strengthen dialogue and enhance cooperation in the field of migration.
  • two career days in two Algerian cities, each of them in form of a career fair (first day) and pre-departure orientation seminars (second day), which employs the above mentioned strategy. These activities will increase the capacities of prospective migrants to make well informed decision about migrating.
  • A seminar in Lecce addressed to local authorities and civil society organizations from Algeria, France and Italy with the objective to find ways (by multi-stakeholder approaches) to efficiently inform Algerian emigrants already living in France and Italy about job opportunities, the recognition of diploma and skills, migration laws, scholarship opportunities and further aspects which are important to avoid de-skilling. The seminar will also confront local authorities with the problems Algerian emigrants face and will encourage contacts among prospective migrants and returnees and Algerian emigrants.
  • Three training sessions in Algeria about project management and business start-ups (offering a certificate) will facilitate the integration of prospective migrants and returnees as well as strengthen the links with highly skilled Algerian emigrants which will be involved as experts.
  • The training sessions will be followed up by a re-granting scheme, which will award the 4 best business projects from the training sessions and other proposals.

The new small businesses will contribute directly and in a sustainable way to the local economic development in Algeria and the adequate utilization of capacities of prospective migrants and emigrants.