“Caravan to Kairouan Event” a cultural exchange through bikes organised by LDA Tunisia

lis 20, 2023

Territorial & local development

The Local Democracy Agency Tunisia organised a spectacular event entitled “Caravan to Kairouan” from 26 until 30 September, 2023 during the celebrations of the “Mawled”, which is a cultural celebration widely honored in Kairouan (Tunisia), where visitors come from all over the country and beyond to celebrate it. During the “Mawled” visitors can shop artisan products and souvenirs, visit historical and religious monuments, and taste the local and popular dishes.

In this sense, the LDA Tunisia was thrilled to welcome its Algerian partner Biking Dz to the event, aimed at promoting sustainable means of transport, which came from Algeria to Kairouan by BICYCLE!

The staff of LDA Tunisia was delighted to meet the Algerian travelers and learn more about their extraordinary experience and their honourable mission which consists of promoting cultural sites and traditions through documented visits on bikes.

The LDA Tunisia organised a spectacular event entitled “Caravan to Kairouan” to promote sustainable mobility in Tunisia!

In addition, LDA Tunisia was also delighted to help Biking_DZ participants and representatives to discover the city of Kairouan, which is rich in historical monuments and traditional features, through guided tours in the Medina and its suburbs, in particular through a group excursion by bicycle to the Reqqada Museum.

The “Caravan to Kairouan” event was included in the official programme of the city celebrations and gained much attention and visibility from the media especially due to its important aim: promoting bikes and sustainability as a possible means of transportation that involves the transition to a healthy lifestyle, more strength, mindfulness, and patience.

Lastly, LDA Tunisia has also shared the passion for sustainable mobility and biking in particular through the exchange with the project team of VéloPark and the partners of the Autrement project. 

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!