“Climate Of Change” Youth Ambassador at COP27 calling for climate justice

stu 11, 2022

Environment & climate

With the support of more than 100.000, the “Climate Of Change” project consortium claims Climate Justice at COP27. The latter, starting on 6 November 2022 in Egypt, represents the most important worldwide summit on climate change, green and environment. 

Representatives and delegates from more than 90 states gather in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh, addressing the current climate crisis, while finding a common solution. Within this framework, the civil society is also mobilised and calls for fast and concrete actions: for example, more than 100.000 are taking part in the #ClimateOfChange movement to ask for climate justice!

More in detail, thousands of young people are actively calling for a better planet, thus participating in the COP27 in Egypt as Youth Ambassador Europe. Paloma, Fanni, Kamila, Penny and Ema (from Spain, Hungary, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria respectively), are the 5 ambassadors taking action as #ClimateOfChange activists on 11 th November at 11.30 EET in an official side event in Egypt!

This incredible result was only possible thanks to the help and support of a huge number of climate and social justice activists that joined the movement. Yet, what is the main request of  #ClimateOfChange

  • Keeping global warming under 1.5°by achieving EU climate neutrality by 2040. In fact, today the current objective is to keep global warming under 1.5° by attaining climate neutrality by 2050. However, regarding climate issues arising all over the globe including in Europe, the consortium urges governments to adopt measures for climate neutrality that will have an impact before 2050.
  • Using only renewable energies.
    Governments, even in times of crisis, cannot turn their face from clean renewable energies. They must keep up the objectives of using only renewable energies and stop relying on fossil fuels.
  • Helping low income households to transition from fossil fuels to renewable.
    The consortium is aware of the difficulties some households will face to transition to environmentally friendly heating solutions. It is important that the burden is shared fairly and that governments take such issues into account.
  • Shifting towards a socially and ecological just well-being economy.
    The interests and needs of society need to be above the interests and needs of big companies. There must be a change in people’s destructive behavior and destructive production oriented system.

Civil society and the “Climate Of Change” consortium in Sharm El-Sheikh for climate justice

  • Protecting climate change-induced migrants through a human rights- based migration policy.
    States should think and implement an international protection scheme for migrants that will encourage global justice. 
  • Enabling youth participation in political decision-making.
    Youth are most of the time excluded from decision making however, their future will be largely impacted by climate change. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that their voice will be heard and that they will be able to participate in the decision making process. The objective is to avoid having climate action mechanisms that will exclude some people. 
  • Agreeing on a Climate Finance and a Loss and Damage mechanism.
    Governments must create a reparation system where richest countries will repay the poorest for the damages caused by their industries to those countries. Rich countries must acknowledge, recognise that they have a debt toward poorer countries. 
  • Ensuring that children’s and youth’s best interests and their rights are protected.
    It is an intergenerational debt linked to climate change because actions of older generations have important consequences on younger generations in the worst way. 
  • Defending the rights of women and girls and their participation into climate decision making processes.
    States should ensure women participate in climate change decisions because they tend to be more negatively affected by climate change than men. Every government including the European Union must lead strong action against the climate gender gap and must support third Countries where that gap is deeper. 

Readers can learn more about the position the consortium will hold at the COP27 by reading the “Policy Position of the Consortium of Climate of Change for COP27”

Overall, climate change impacts people both in terms of human rights; and in their own lifestyle behaviour. Governments need to put in place measures to ensure international human rights are respected. Hence, by joining the “Climate Of Change” project, ALDA further stresses its commitment for a sustainable lifestyle, while contributing to develop citizens’ awareness on climate induced migration.

✍️ From now on it will not be possible to sign the petition on website, but, for those who have not yet signed the petition and wish to make their voice heard, you can sign via 

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