Decentralizirana suradnja

Decentralisation and a multi-stakeholder approach: the main ingredients of 20 years of achievements

Since its beginning in 1999, ALDA has always worked using a decentralised and multi-stakeholder approach. Throughout 20 years of experience and increased expertise, ALDA is now moving forward a global approach towards the world of decentralised cooperation. We are putting all our efforts in projects, actions and advocacy processes able to shape the structure of the decentralised cooperation approach in a way that will take into account all relevant actors from Local Authorities to the Organised Civil Society.

For 20 years, ALDA has grown as an actor of local democracy, promoting numerous successful policy processes to increase the relevance of the work of local authorities and civil society in the communities, producing knowledge and contributing actively to the debate and development of policy making in Europe and beyond.

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Europsko partnerstvo za demokraciju



EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

Agencija lokalne demokratije

Black Sea – NGO Forum

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