Democracy, fundamental rights and gender: join public debates of the HEARD project!

kol 30, 2023

Good governance

On September 16, 2023, within the HEARD project’s framework, the Municipality of Vimercate (Italy), in collaboration with ALDA+, will host a public event that will spark stimulating discussions and foster a deeper understanding of crucial social issues. The project HEARD focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on democratic debates, enjoyment of fundamental rights and gender issues. The search for an adequate response to overcome the crisis that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic should be a result of the participation and involvement of different social actors, civil society representatives and states’ decision-making bodies. By actively involving partners from 9 different European countries in every phase of the project, the project HEARD aims to measure the impact of the pandemic in terms of respect of the rule of law, fullfilment of democratic values and enjoyment of fundamental human rights, with special attention to the implementation of citizens and residents’ social rights.

The event will be held at the Sala Falcone Borsellino in the Civic Library of Vimercate starting from 10.30 AM and it will include 3 public debate sessions on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted different aspects of citizen’s life. Public debates will therefore consist on fruitful exchanges between experts, scholars, academics and committed citizens who will come together to explore the topics of democracy, fundamental rights, and gender equality.

The active participation of citizenship it’s crucial for the success of the event

Below you can find information on sessions’ schedule:

SESSION 1 – from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM – How did COVID-19 impact the public debate?

SESSION 2 – from 14.00 PM to 15.35 PM – How did COVID-19 impact the enjoyment of fundamental rights?

SESSION 3 – from 15.45 PM to 17.00 PM – How did COVID-19 impact the women’s work-life balance?

The active participation of citizenship it’s crucial for the success of the event: everyone who might have something to say is invited to participate.

For more information on the event you can consult the Municipality of Vimercate’s Facebook page, where you will find general and specific agendas concerning the different sessions of the event.

If you are interested in participating, register at this link: