DAFLS – Developing Applied Foreign Language Skills

Educational developpement and employment growth


DAFLS project responds to the needs of the Faculties of Philology in North Macedonia and Serbia to diversify their training offer in order to provide new professional perspectives to their graduates and to increase their employability. At present, these faculties focus, in a classical philological approach, on the study of language, literature and civilisation, and mainly prepare for professions in teaching, research and translation with limited opportunities. However, the opening up of national economies to globalisation and the integration of countries into the European Union has created, on the one hand, a demand in companies for multilingual and multi-skilled staff with international business management skills. On the other, the current negotiations for accession to the European Union are increasing the needs of administrations for staff with in-depth knowledge of European programmes, skills in terms of managing European funds and running European projects in networks with other institutional or private, local or international partners.


  • Meeting the needs of the labour market by developing the teaching of applied foreign languages and training in European project management
  • Contributing to the internationalisation of partner institutions by creating co-degree courses, taught in English and structured around mutualised courses
  • Supporting the pedagogical transformation of partner institutions through the development of e-learning modules that multiply the ways of learning languages and through teaching in virtual classrooms