Eurocultura & ALDA: free webinars!

stu 08, 2021

Citizens engagement

Eurocultura and ALDA together to talk about citizens, planet, digitalisation and more. Hence, the two associations have organised a series of webinars thanks to which, by focusing on a specific European policy, attendees will then have the opportunity to get concrete examples on projects and initiatives.

Let’s see together what is on the agenda!

Starting on November 23rd at 12.00 PM with a first webinar on theatre and climate. Entitled “Theatre and sustainable art”, this session will present how climate change; the conservation of biodiversity, the promotion of a territory and the promotion of artistic, natural and cultural heritage can all be interconnected and explained through theatre (registration is free and open to the public at this link).

Presented by ALDA’s Project Managers Nadia Di Iulio and Valeria Fantini, at the debut of this series of webinars, there will also be representatives of the following associations :

Considering the era in which we are living, it would not have been possible not to tackle the topic of “digitalisation”. Thus, at the third webinar, the project P-CUBE and especially the video game developed will be presented as a good practice, while showing how digital tools can be used to support education and foster civic engagement. In this occasion, ALDA Project Manager Lisy Piter will introduce: 

This webinar will take place in late December 2021, early January 2022. Dates will be announced.

Eurocultura and ALDA: free webinars on European policies and projects!

Leaving the tech world aside, how far do people know about agricultural policy? Italian citizens have, on average, little knowledge about the existence of a European agreement to guide EU agriculture, and little awareness of the impact of the agricultural sector on climate change, biodiversity conservation, regeneration of rural areas and creation of new jobs. Having that in mind Eurocultura and ALDA organised a webinar on that as well!

In January 2021 participants to the third webinar will have the possibility to know more about participatory methods and peer-to-peer learning activities, which allow people (especially young generations) to develop awareness about biodiversity conservation and rural regeneration in an experiential way, through an educational and creative journey. Alessandra Brigo, ALDA Project Manager, will host the event. (More information soon available)

Last but not least, for those more interested in citizens’ participation, the webinar not to be missed, is the one scheduled for 22nd February 2022. This time, the two project managers, Nadia di Iulio and Valeria Fantini will welcome as keynote speakers:

  • Marco Boaria, Director Programs and Development ALDA; CEO ALDA+ 
  • Alessandro Maculan, Councillor for environmental, rural and hillside policies and public green areas
  • Giulio Pesenti, consultant

The participatory approach offers a great variety of possibilities for strengthening the resources within municipalities, not only as finances concerns, but also in terms of creative and experiential resources. Benefitting from this approach, it is possible to identify and adopt shared solutions, making all citizens feel part of a sustainable and prosperous change. Thanks to this occasion, the project LIFE BEWARE, a project addressed to the citizens of the Upper Vicenza area with the aim of elaborating a Climate Adaptation Action Plan for the Upper Vicenza area. (registration is free and open to the public at this link).

With great pleasure ALDA and Eurocultura are offering these 4 free webinars, which will last about one hour, presenting projects and initiatives, starting from EU policies. There will be the possibility to join the Q&A session after speakers’ speeches. Please note that webinar are mainly in Italian, excluded the one on digitalisation.