Local Democracy Agency Mostar is celebrating its eight anniversary

stu 30, 2012

Good governance

The celebration of the eighth anniversary of the Local Democracy Agency Mostar was held in Mostar, on Wednesday 28 November.
Since 22nd November 2004, when LDA’s partners signed the Partnership Agreement with the representatives of Mostar City local authorities, their common vision of a Local Democracy Agency was founded on an idea for it to be a place of mediation, room for dialogue and exchange of information and experiences on all levels of local community and European partners.
During these past eight years LDA Mostar tried to meet those expectations.

“We built bridges between the citizens of a divided city, unfortunately still in many different ways, bridges between the citizens and local authorities, worked on linking City of Mostar with other cities of the region and European Union countries, transferred experiences and knowledge. In some of our activities we were committed to youth, gender issues, European integration, education, but in every step of this road our guide was the voice of the citizens. We consider ourselves lucky and are well pleased that on this road we had a strong support of local authorities, non-governmental organisations, media and citizens of this city, but also in cooperation with our international partners” stated Dzenana Dedic, President of LDA Mostar during the anniversary ceremony.