Our concern about the blockage of the EU accession process of North Macedonia

velj 01, 2021

EU values and Enlargement

In December 2020, North Macedonia didn’t get the long expected date for the start of the negotiation process for EU accession due to blockage from its neighbour country, Bulgaria. This is due to the fact that “Bulgaria is offended by the interpretation of certain historical moments and personalities in North Macedonia and considers as an issue the historical heritage and the nature of the Macedonian identity and Macedonian language.”

“We will not stop encouraging cooperation, democracy and dialogue to foster EU integration”

ALDA Governing Board expresses concern about the “decision of the EU not to start yet the negotiation talks with North Macedonia and not adopting the proposed negotiating framework” and all its “openness and willingness to contribute at the establishment of decentralized dialogue between communities and people to people actions that will increase tolerance and intercultural dialogue in the region.”

That’s why ALDA continues working with our members and partners both in North Macedonia and in Bulgaria to foster cooperation between people and enhancing European values.

Read the full Governing Board statement here.