PART-Y project participated to the 2021 EU Week of Regions and Cities!

stu 08, 2021

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

As for other ALDA projects, PART-Y partners led an online session on October 14th during the 2021 EUWRC.

The lead partner Kallipolis first introduced the project and its goals to the participants, highlighting the fundamental importance to take into account the challenges faced by women and girls in urban spaces and thus to plan a city which will work for everyone.

ALDA, as PART-Y project partner, had then the responsibility to present the first output of the project, namely the “Toolkit to Build a Communication Campaign for a Young and Inclusive Placemaking” whose aim is to ensure youth involvement in this kind of urban and community regeneration projects.

It was a pleasure to discuss about PART-Y with the participants and to have their feedback

Two other partners, the municipality of Umeå and Basurama Asociación, made also two focus moment regarding respectively the gendered landscape method developed by the municipality and the social reuse of trash to build a community. Finally, the workshops sessions allowed all the participants to give their insights on how to involve youth and promote young people participation, especially girls, in placemaking projects, and in PART-Y!

Participating at this event marked an important step for the future of the project, while representing an occasion to discuss and reflect on future steps.

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