The Eastern Partnership Conference: Towards a European community of democracy, prosperity and a stronger civil society

ruj 28, 2011

Good governance

On 29 and 30 September, the second Summit of Heads of States on Eastern Partnership takes place in Warsaw, under the auspices of the EU Presidency. The Partnership and its results and failures will be assessed by the States of the EU and by the Partners Countries.
The issues at stake will be both the composition and the common activity of the Partnership.

There are concerns about the future of Belarus in the present group after the dramatic democratic breakdown after the elections in December 2010. Other countries present strong democratic failures like Azerbaijan with the recent arrests of demonstrators as well as Ukraine with the recent events on internal political retaliation. The content of the Partnership will address the progress on different sectorial approaches (mainly in economic and environmental field).
The Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership is present at the Summit with a side event, co-organised with the Polish Institute of International Affairs.
A position paper reflecting a recent monitoring of the results achieved and to be reached, will be presented and debated. The Association of the Local Democracy Agencies will be present with the Director of ALDA, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, co Chair of the CSF opening the conference.

Read the Position paper in English here

Read the Position paper in Russian here