Valid project: Second international event “Novo Mesto”

lip 15, 2021

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

The Valid story continues with great success. The second international event will be held on the 15th and 16th of June 2021 on the Zoom platform, organised by the Volunteer center Novo Mesto.

Dedicated to tools and mechanisms the second international event has one main aim: sharing. Thus, the project partners will create a safe spot for sharing as far as the role of intercultural dialogue concerns, especially in facilitating social inclusion, as well as implementation and monitoring of local development policies.

The second international event has one main aim: sharing

More specifically, it also deals  with methods, tools and good practices to promote social inclusion, civic engagement and intercultural dialogue at local level.

The event is open for experts, facilitators, social workers, volunteers and interested locals. If you interested please register on the following LINK.

You can follow the event on the Zoom Platform.