YOUTH Taking the lead: a TALE World Cafè in Rome

tra 19, 2024

EU values and Enlargement Youth empowerment & Education

In the framework of the European Youth Week, on April 19, 2024, a successful local event of the TALE – TAke the Lead in the European Elections action took place at Re-Work in Rome, Italy. Organised by one of the Italian TALE changemakers, this event gathered young students, young professionals, young volunteers and local associations in a vivid discussion about the upcoming European elections as well as youth participation beyond the voting process. 

The event was divided into two main phases: the first part was dedicated to the presentation of local associations of youngsters, to the introduction of ALDA’s campaign “Better Europe Together” and of the TALE initiative, and to the panel discussion led by Europe Direct – Roma Tre. The second phase focused on the group discussion and final remarks. 

Following the welcoming session, “YOUTH Taking the lead” was launched by TALE changemaker, introducing local groups of European associations of young volunteers and activists, aimed at shaping a better Europe and at promoting European values. First, Young European Ambassadors briefly presented their work within the European Union and beyond; then, Europiamo shared their experiences and mission in line with the European Youth Goals. 

After the good practices and relevant initiatives at the EU level of both youth organisations, ALDA shared with all participants its campaign “Better Europe Together” ahead the upcoming EU elections, presenting the long-lasting Communication Partnership with the European Parliament, and the visibility opportunities offered to all ALDA’s partners and members’ initiatives promoting the European Parliament elections on its landing page and through its social media. 

Within this framework, a specific focus of ALDA’s presentation was on the TALE action, aiming at empowering young citizens and enhancing their active participation, notably towards the parliamentary elections of June 6-9, 2024.

Yesterday’s event was the opportunity to present the first achievements of the TALE project, namely of the TALE webinars and of the first local events. 

The goal of the event was for ALDA to invite the audience to register on the EP platform through this link, in order to get the main updates, news and relevant information on the upcoming elections. 

The last part of session one was dedicated to a panel discussion on how to effectively communicate about European issues, values and institutions. The panel was led by Europe Direct – Roma Tre and involved Raffaele Torino, Professor of EU Law at Roma Tre University.

Phase two of the event was devoted to the TALE World Cafè, involving around 40 participants in small groups discussing about and focusing on the TALE’s webinars topics: activism and youth participation, information, and online and offline campaigning. The results of each small group discussion were presented at the end of the event, stressing the importance of young people’s voice as drivers of the change and key actors of a better Europe’s future, and enhancing the need of reaching all citizens through a multiplier effect of such crucial local initiatives.