ALDA at the Summit of Europe’s Regions and Cities

Апр 02, 2012

Good governance

Vice president of ALDA, Mr. Dobrica Milovanovic, had the opportunity to present ALDA, its Network and its work in Europe at the Summit of Europe’s Regions and Cities that took place in Copenhagen on 22 and 23 March 2012, promoted by the Committee of the Regions.
Mr. Milovanovic had short interventions during one of the workshops of the event and had a short exchange of words with the President of the European Commission, Josè Manuel Barroso, and the Danish Prime Minister Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, whom he thanked for supporting Serbia to get EU candidate status.
Mr Milovanovic met also the Mayors of Copenhagen, Mr. Frank Jensen, and Lisbon Antonio Costa.
This high level event entitled «The European urban fabric in the 21st century» was fully dedicated to the sustainable urban development. Mayors of European cities, presidents of regions, architects, the experts on
urban planning and others shared their views on the many challenges they are facing – how to prevent climate changes, create jobs, promote economic growth and to ensure sustainable energy supply.
During various workshops they also presented some of their best practices and innovative approaches. “Copenhagen declaration” adopted at the end of the Summit, which promotes the transition to “green economy”, was supported by the highest EU officials, (president of EC Mr Jose Manuel Barroso, president of EP Mr Martin Schulz, Prime Minister of Denmark, Ms Helle Thorning-Schmidt).
Mr Barroso stated that the transition to a green economy will require appropriate funding and EU policies and the development of innovative financial systems involving local partners, banks, private companies and civil society.