Capacity Building Workshop Greece & Final Conference of BRIGHT

Фев 14, 2022

Good governance

Greece welcomed the fifth and last Capacity Building Workshop (CBW) on the 7th and 8th of February.  During the two day online event, participants listened enthusiastically to the Greek approach to safeguard the rights of mobile women, illustrated by Vasiliki Tsekoura, on behalf of CYCLISIS

The CBW focused on the inclusion of women in decision-making processes and on the co-creation of services and empowerment. Starting from the good practises and actions implemented in Greece, the BRIGHT partners had the chance to discuss and compare ideas on:

  • The project’s approach for the empowerment of female exploited in the agricultural sector and the formation of leadership, as ActionAid reminded us;
  • The useful tool of the collaboration pacts, as explained by LABSUS.

Participants were thrilled to find out the results of the BRIGHT project in the target countries and listen to the approaches used in Greece

BRIGHT’s stakeholders explained how they managed to create, alongside with the municipality of Schiavonea, a public service to orient women through administrative and bureaucratic services, while CYCLISIS (partner from Greece) focused on the role of the NGOs and municipalities to help women victims of illegal trafficking. The event was a practical and handy way to share ideas and ways on how to tackle problems these women had, and still have, to face, such as the initial reluctance of the local community to integrate them or the possibility to work while caring for their children.

Even though the Capacity Building Workshops came to an end, ALDA invites everyone to join the hybrid final conference of the BRIGHT project on the 23rd of February 2022 in Rome, Italy. 

During the event, institutions, stakeholders of the project and female workers will intervene and present the Manifesto of Women in Agriculture for access to European citizenship rights through 6 priorities for change. The conference will be organised around 3 thematic axes: 

  1. Mobile EU women agricultural workers: obstacles to participation and full enjoyment of European citizenship rights
  2. the role of public services to contrast the invisibility of women agricultural workers: the leadership, empowerment, and co-programming of services programme
  3. the European framework for EUMC rights: how to ensure the full participation of mobile European women citizens in the democratic life in the EU Member States.

There will be simultaneous translation Italian — English and vice versa for all the speakers.

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