CID — Circular Design for bio-based innovation towards climate-neutral cities

A new vision of urban design, architecture, bio-innovation and climate neutrality.


In a multidisciplinary approach the Innovation Alliance Circular Design (CiD) addresses the gap in skills and knowledge, in the sectors of architecture, urban design, product/service design, offering a radically new model on how to link design to circularity and urban transformation. CiD rethinks design for a circular economy, orients multidisciplinary collaboration towards carbon-neutral cities, and focuses on bio-based innovation for the built environment — using bio-materials from other sectors, creating regional circular systems in renewable materials, and installing buildings as bio-machines. Green, digital, resilience and entrepreneurial skills in Circular Design are developed through an Innovation Ecosystem that brings together relevant actors from HEIs and VET with the broader socio-economic environment (RTO, municipalities, civil society and businesses). The Alliance develops innovation in Circular Design education by fostering entrepreneurship in academia, with an accelerator and continuing education programmes to upskill in emerging labour market profiles and enabling the creation of green start-ups.


  • Fostering new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning in Circular Design.
  • Fostering corporate social responsibility in Circular Design.
  • Stimulating through Circular Design a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Improving the quality and relevance of skills in Circular Design.
  • Facilitating the flow and co-creation of knowledge for Circular Design.
  • Building and supporting effective and efficient HE and VET systems through Circular Design.