Dealing with a past left unsaid – Challenges and opportunities for institutions and civil society actors

Ноя 20, 2011

Good governance

Restudy the recent history of European countries to strengthen the ideals of peace, tolerance and participation and help the building of an Europe ever more land of cohesion, stability and prosperity.
This is the main aim of the project PEACE, implemented by ALDA, the Association of Local Democracy Agencies which final conference. will take place in Strasbourg the 22nd and 23rd of November (CIARUS, 7 rue Finkmatt).

The main subject of the conference will be active remembrance. It will unite around 100 participants from several European countries, all professionals of historical education and active remembrance (educators, teachers, researchers, memorial curators and peace educators). Through presentations on the treatment of repressed pasts in Europe and exchange between the participants, the conference will bring new insights on how to deal with different pasts.
All participants will be encouraged to actively bring their specific experience in different workshops. Debates will be held on subjects such as remembrance and its relation with active citizenship and a positive attitude towards Human Rights and peace.
One of the aims of the project is to develop efficient activities in this field.
The event will combine different methods such as round tables and working groups in order to promote a wide debate benefiting from both multilateral and specific perspectives.
Informal exchange with other participants will be a central element of the conference and will be encouraged.
Participants will participate also in a visit to “Le Mémorial de l’Alsace-Moselle”.