Discover the CAP-PERI project videos and learn more about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its implications!

Сен 02, 2022

Environment & climate

Before the CAP-PERI project came to its end, five videos for each of the cities involved in the project were developed. The videos accurately describe the main activities of CAP-PERI in an interesting and engaging way. 

The video of Milan starts with the presentation of the workshop “CAP-PERI on the implications of agriculture”, which involved the High School students of “IIS Caterina da Siena”. It includes an explanation of  the various educational paths to raise awareness on the  Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the different study tours to discover biodiversity. Moreover, it contains conferences with experts from the agricultural field as well as the EMOTICON exhibition at Orti di via Padova. 

Palermo’s video displays the workshop titled  “Bioethical agriculture. Cultivating with respect for people and biodiversity”, which saw as speakers Professor Antonio Camparetti and Dr. Carlo Greco, who talked about biomass, biowaste, bioenergy and biofertilizers. The video also shows the event that took place at Villa Filippina as well as other activities like the realisation of the podcast with the students of the “Einstein” High School of Palermo, the workshop with the students at Orti delle Fate and the Augmented Reality workshop. 

The CAP-PERI project videos accurately describe the main activities of the project in an interesting and engaging way.

The promotional video made by Mesagne starts with the partner’s second meeting, followed by the presentation of the CAP-PERI project to the High School students of “IISS Epifanio Ferdinando”. Subsequently, it shows the presentation made by Lucio Colizzi on the project ORTINSIEME as well as the visit of the “IISS Epifanio Ferdinando » students to Gorgofredo and Galone Masserie. The video ends with the Augmented Reality workshop carried out with primary school students. 

The video of Rome starts displaying the very first partners’ meeting in Vicenza, followed by the second meeting in Mesagne and the third one in Palermo, the workshop on CAP, a research survey on CAP topics and a second research survey called “Impronta carbonica”. It continues showing various visits to Rome Urban Gardens and to the Garbatella recycling center, the Poetry Slam workshop with Lorenzo Marangoni, the workshop on Food Education with children and teenagers, the one on Augmented Reality, the virtual tour of Rome Urban Gardens during the TNOC Festival, and it ends with the EMOTICON Exhibition. 

Lastly, Vicenza’s video shows the study visit to the Carpaneda site, followed by the workshops on the implication of agriculture introduced by the sociologist Valentina Anzoise, organised together with the “GH Quadri” High School students. It also displays the TNOC Festival and a territorial exploration of Monteviale.