Discover the project “The Rude Awakening” at the PiXii Festival 2020!

Июн 09, 2020

Digital & innovation

Melting point for innovative ideas and creative digital tools, the 2020 edition of the PiXii Festival will be the occasion for many to discover the European project The Rude Awakening which ALDA is partner of. From June 22nd to 25th the Festival, initially planned to be in La Rochelle (France), will go online for the first time. In collaboration with the 31st edition of the Sunny side of the Doc, it will be the meeting of innovative stories, digital installations, creative documentaries and immersive technologies. 

PiXii is, in fact, an international festival for digital cultures giving a business and creative view of the power of virtual reality, 3D imaging, Apps and so on, to enhance museums, heritage institutions and cultural centres experiences. One of the focuses of the festival is storytelling, and the festival has become well renowned on the digital and creative scene.

Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent and 101 Percento are invited to participate in this international and online event and, during the History and Heritage session, the participants will hence be able to discover the ALDA European project The Rude Awakening led by the Foundation, and learn about the use of digital tools to tell History.

The Rude Awakening — a multimedia journey in the footsteps of frontline soldiers’ everyday life” aims to raise the awareness and interest of younger generations (between 13 to 20 years old) on the topic of war and peace. With the support of digital and audiovisual contents based on the stories of WWI soldiers, “The Rude Awakening” wants to lead a new educational and emotional perspective on war and peace, whereby visitors will learn by doing as they fill the shoes of a soldier all along the museum visit, thus better understanding war memories and soldier life thanks to technology. It’s a co-funded project by the European Union MEDIA programme, a sub-programme of Creative Europe.

For more information on the project and how to join it, please contact artistic Director, Mr Renzo Carbonera: