Empowering Youth: insights from the E-VOICE project’s conference

Дек 12, 2023

Youth empowerment & Education

The recent meeting of the «E-VOICE, a Voice for Europe» project, held from November 15 to 17, 2023 in Rociana del Condado, La Rinconada and Nerva (Spain) served as a critical platform for addressing the pressing challenges faced by young Europeans. Spearheaded by the Italian Municipality of Gazzo, the consortium boasts a diverse array of partners from Padua (Italy), Sibenik (Croatia), Mioveni (Romania), UBBSLA (Bulgaria), ACR+ (Belgium), and FAMSI (Spain).

This gathering went beyond conventional discussions, diving deep into issues such as mental health, educational poverty, unhealthy habits, and the aftermath of post-COVID unemployment. Rociana del Condado (Spain) played a central role in these deliberations, with Mayor Paco Pérez graciously hosting the delegation at the Town Hall. The IES Virgen del Socorro Secondary School complemented this by providing valuable insights into the pandemic experiences of young people, offering a poignant perspective on the challenges they face.

Moving to La Rinconada (Spain), the conference took on an intimate tone at the youth center La Estación. Here, fruitful discussions unfolded around the design of youth plans and engagements with professionals committed to shaping effective youth policies. Notably, the Queen Sofia Centre of Fad Youth presented its highly anticipated 2023 youth health and well-being report, contributing a comprehensive outlook on the current state of youth affairs.

Nerva (Spain) welcomed the delegation with a visit to the Town Hall, where experiences shared by Maria Elvira Ortiz resonated with the audience. Further discussions with Concha Salas and Carolina Damiá shed light on innovative youth initiatives, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering positive change. The visit to the Tinto River source provided a reflective conclusion to the conference, symbolizing the flow of ideas and initiatives sparked during these impactful sessions.

Adding depth to the conversations was Antonio Reina Chamorro, a seasoned social educator, who injected vigour into discussions on emotional relationships, competences, unemployment, and healthy habits among young Europeans. His expertise and insights served as a catalyst for exploring multifaceted approaches to address the multifaceted challenges faced by today’s youth.

In conclusion, the E-Voice 4th Transnational Partners Meeting in Spain emerged not only as a platform for dialogue but as a catalyst for tangible action. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and perspectives, this conference has set the stage for collaborative initiatives that aim to empower European youth, fostering a resilient and vibrant generation capable of navigating the complexities of the contemporary world.