Economy and management for NGOs. A diploma ceremony closed the project

Июн 08, 2011

Good governance

Closing conference and Diploma Ceremony marked the end of year and a half long project Economy & Management for NGOs in Serbia, funded by SLOVAKIAD and realised in partnership with Education Center for Non-Profit Organisation — CVNO, BanskaBystrica, Slovakia, the Faculty of Economy ”MatejBel” in Banska Bystrica and the Faculty of Economy in Nis.

The project aimed at raising the capacities of Serbian NGOs to deal with their own management and financial resources. Representatives of 10 NGOs from the southern part of Serbia took part in 6 on line courses led by the professors from the Faculty of Economy Nis: Management of NGO, Marketing of NGO, Global economy, Human resources, Finances of NGO and New trends in NGO. These on-line courses will now serve as a module for possible future accredited master’s programmes on one of the universities in Serbia.
We are also pleased to say that, through this project, LDA initiated cooperation between faculties of economy in BanskaBystrica and Nis.