Empowering youth through arts: Roadmap for social inclusion in a post-pandemic era

Фев 26, 2024

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Youth empowerment & Education Linked project:

The ReCAP consortium has finalised the third and last result of the project, the “Roadmap for youth social inclusion through art and culture in a post-pandemic context”. Coordinated by CESIE, the roadmap is the result of a 2-year journey with 10 European partner organisations, involved in a cultural challenge to support youth social inclusion and participation through arts and culture in a post-pandemic context.

Following the validation of the Toolbox (Project Result 2) during the Training of Trainers in Vicenza (Italy), the partners and their youth workers have been actively involved in the implementation of artistic workshops with young participants in their respective countries, carrying out tailor-made local paths. Workshop activities were mainly addressed to young people living in vulnerable conditions, such as refugees, asylum seekers, youngsters coming from different social and economic backgrounds, with disabilities, learning difficulties, living in rural areas, or students living in urban areas but with a strong need for socialisation.

Based on their own experiences and needs at the local level, each partner, together with the youth workers, has developed its own roadmap.

The Roadmap is an innovative and important source of inspiration for youth work, particularly in addressing the socio-cultural and emotional consequences of the pandemic

Each Roadmap uses different artistic languages and different types of activities, but they lead to the same goals, such as promoting interpersonal relationships and self-confidence, encouraging peer socialisation, facilitating the mind-body connection and emotional expression, reducing stress, and encouraging critical thinking and creativity.

This compendium of local roadmaps shows how arts and culture are transversal tools capable of facilitating the inclusion of young people, in line with the purpose of the ReCAP project. By following and adapting all the recommendations and guidelines provided by the youth workers in their respective local experiences, it is possible to implement a successful and enriching training path in any other context!

After the publication in English, the Roadmap will soon be available in Bulgarian, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

You can access the roadmap here.