Inclusion Empowerment: ALDA in Copenhagen for an INCLUDATE training

Апр 12, 2024


During March 10-15, two dedicated project managers from ALDA had the enriching opportunity to attend a comprehensive 5-day training session on migration inclusion in the beautiful city of Copenhagen (Denmark).

The main goal of this training was to arm participants with practical skills and valuable insights needed to effectively address the challenges associated with migration inclusion. At the heart of the agenda was the introduction and testing of the INCLUDATE curriculum, collaboratively developed by seven organisations, including ALDA, in the previous year. INCLUDATE stands out as a structured framework designed to empower migrant associations. It enables them to actively engage in inclusion and diversity strategies tailored to their unique contexts at every stage of the process. 

The aim is to foster inclusive communities across Europe through shared learning experiences.

During their stay, our project managers also seized the opportunity to explore the Migration Museum of Denmark. This exceptional institution chronicles the rich tapestry of immigration, spanning from the Dutch settlers in 16th-century Copenhagen to the Ukrainian refugees of 2022. By spotlighting individual stories, the museum places contemporary migration issues within a broader historical context, offering invaluable perspectives on the subject matter.

Throughout the training, participants immersed themselves in the methodologies of INCLUDATE through a series of engaging sessions. These sessions covered a spectrum of topics, including needs assessment, community mapping, empathy mapping, strategy development, action planning, and implementation strategies. The training was thoughtfully structured around two primary activities: learning of methods and tools, and experiential group work. This hands-on approach allowed participants to adapt these methods to their respective organisational cases and contexts effectively.

As they return from Copenhagen, our project managers are not only equipped with new skills but also inspired to continue their meaningful work within the INCLUDATE project. They are confident in their ability to contribute positively to inclusion and diversity strategies, eager to make an impact in their communities.