International seminar «Target: orienteering, training and job upgrading”

Май 11, 2012

Citizens engagement

To develop new educational tools and training activities to support young people’s personal and professional development needs in order to access the labour market and their develop entrepreneurship competences. This was the main objective of an international seminar on Non Formal Education For Youth Employability which took place in Varese (2 — 5 May 2012).

The seminar was organised by Kaleidoscopio-Project Factory(Italy) and Inter-Accion(Spain). The event brought together 18 participants, most of them came from the non-governmental youth sector, but there were also government representatives and researchers in the youth field attending the seminar.
ALDA as an active partner in the coalition participated in the event with two representatives. Tommaso Dalla Vecchia and Seblewerk Dereje Edetie were actively involved in all the activities. They presented a workshop on the CITIZENS PANEL, which is one of the main ALDA’s innovative methodology to enhance citizens active participation and to promote the dialogue between the ordinary citizens and the institutions of the EU. Furthermore Marco Boaria, Resource and development unit coordinator of ALDA, presented to all participants the commission programme “EUROPE FOR CITIZENS” and encouraged the attending organisations to apply for this unique funding opportunity.
The project was successfully implemented. In the first day, participants took part in training course where they knew the project and specially the Youth in Action Programme. In the second day different workshops was organised by representatives of different organisations and local authorities active in youth employability projects. It was one of the best examples to learn how to search for partners and to use different tools to establish networks with other organisations and local authorities. In addition, participants shared good practices and used their knowledge to start initiatives that will lead to future projects. In the same day all participants had a great opportunity to be involved in a cultural evening organised by the hosting country. In the last day, the final evaluation meeting was held to discuss the final contents. The strong points recognised by most of the participants were better knowledge about the Europe for citizens programme, improved dialogue between different stakeholders and great opportunities to make positive change in the different countries.

As next concrete steps of the project, the international seminar “Itinere” will take place from 12th-15th of June in Cartagena (Region of Munica-Spain). This seminar will have the same focus on the topic in order to reinforce the developed strategy and strengthen the cooperation.
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