LAR II project: meeting in Brindisi, between Turkish Institutional representatives and local entrepreneurs

Июн 08, 2011

Good governance

Within the project «Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project (LAR Phase II)», ALDA’s Cooperation Office of Brindisi involved Brindisi Municipality as member of a partnership among European towns.

In the same framework, on 15 and 16 June 2011, Brindisi Municipality will host a delegation of Turkish Municipalities to implement an exchange of best relationships / business practices and to open the way to possible commercial and industrial relations with the Turkish territory.
ALDA and Brindisi Municipality are operating partners of the project LAR Phase II «Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey» (, which is sponsored by UNDP-Turkey. It has the general aim of ensuring an effective, transparent, inclusive and participatory role of Local Government in Turkey (within the strategic decisions brought forward by the European Union, and specifically through a full implementation of the new legislation adopted in Turkey during 2003 – 2005).

On June 15-2011 at Palazzo Guerrieri, starting at 09.00 after the Mayor Domenico Mennitti’s greetings to the delegation of Turkish Municipalities, a number of thematic meetings that will address the following topics will be performed:

  1. Local economic development: concerning ports and management of the shipyards, fisheries, promotion of trade, urban regeneration and employment, environmental protection, economic transformation of towns across their transition phase from agriculture to third sector.
  2. Culture and Tourism: promotion of tourism, festivals’ organisation, renovation of historical and cultural sites, youth activities;
  3. Social projects: women’s employment, child care, citizen’s participation, cultural and educational initiatives;
  4. Municipal Capacity Building: e-municipality, exchange of visits between municipal staffs, organisation of training programs (for fire brigades, for environmental services and waste collection, for sewage, for urban planning, for public transports, for municipal police, for local planners, for GIS’s technologies);
  5. EU funds and Project Management;
  6. Practices of urban regeneration.

On June 15-2011 at Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi, starting at 15.00, a meeting with local entrepreneurs will be organised. Sponsored by ALDA and the local International Cooperation Department, this meeting aims to show Brindisi’s production/business sectors and excellences to the Turkish operators. The companies will be allowed to show their products and/or productions.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and open to all entrepreneurs from Brindisi district.
June 16-2011 will begin at 9:00 and will be entirely dedicated to visiting some important/strategic public offices such as the Port Authority, the police headquarters and the Fire Department’s barracks.

For more information contact ALDA International Cooperation Department (via Guerrieri 7 – | Tel: 0831/229423 — Fax: 0831/229222) or visit Brindisi Municipality’s website ( and-the-16th-June-at-the-town-of-a-toast-delegation-of-representatives-of-institutional-turkey-will meet-the-business-locali.html ), or visit the websites of the participating Turkish municipalities: KARADENIZ EREGLI and ZONGULDAK

All citizens are invited to attend.