Launching the Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation in North Macedonia: Fostering dialogue and collaboration

Мар 21, 2024

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On March 19 2024, a significant step towards fostering intercultural dialogue and collaboration in North Macedonia was taken with the meeting for the creation of the Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Hosted by ALDA in Skopje (North Macedonia), the event brought together representatives from 13 Macedonian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working across various fields.

The meeting started with a presentation about the history, objectives, and activities of the Foundation. Participants were provided with insights into the diverse programs, funding opportunities, and collaborative initiatives. ALDA’s representatives also shared technical insights into the process of establishing the network and outlined a timeline for its development, paving the way for an open discussion. This collective endorsement underscores the commitment of the Macedonian civil society towards promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Beyond the formal agenda, the meeting provided a platform for informal networking, where representatives shared insights about their ongoing work, future aims, and potential synergies

Discussions revolved around identifying common objectives and exploring possibilities for collaborative projects within the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation network. The establishment of the network not only signifies a milestone in fostering cultural exchange and understanding but also opens the way for different collaborative initiatives that will enrich the social fabric of North Macedonia.

Moving forward, the Macedonian civil society remains determined to embrace the opportunities afforded by the Anna Lindh Foundation network, as they embark on a journey of collective action towards a more inclusive and interconnected future. The meeting for the creation of the Network of the Foundation in North Macedonia shows the power of dialogue and collaboration in advancing shared aspirations of peace, understanding, and solidarity across borders.

Established in 2004, the Anna Lindh Foundation has emerged as a platform for intercultural exchange, bringing together over 4000 civil society organisations from diverse backgrounds. With a focus on various fields including intercultural relations, human rights, education, and sustainable development, the Foundation’s impact resonates across borders.