Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award Ceremony: Honouring Local Excellence 

Фев 16, 2024

Good governance

In the heart of Mons, Belgium, on March 19, 2024 from 16 to 17,  within the framework of the 10th European Summit of Regions and Cities, a prestigious event will unfold — the Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award Ceremony. This occasion stands as a resounding tribute to those who embody extraordinary dedication in local and regional governance, championing values of freedom, solidarity, and equality. 

At the forefront of this celebration is the ADL Zavidovići Association, recipient of the Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award 2023 and member of ALDA. Originating amidst the Bosnian War’s turmoil in 1996, this association has evolved into a dynamic force, fostering democracy, integration, and collaboration. Their multifaceted activities, spanning social and cultural integration, decentralised cooperation, youth programs, and in-depth research, underscore a profound commitment to positive change.

Scheduled on the fifth anniversary of Mayor Paweł Adamowicz’s tragic assassination, the ceremony transcends mere acknowledgment. It serves as a solemn remembrance of his enduring legacy — his unwavering commitment to engaging marginalised voices, offering solidarity, and advocating for diversity in local governance.

As the event unfolds in the historic city of Mons, Belgium, it encapsulates the spirit of unity and progress. Beyond being a celebration of past achievements, this ceremony symbolises a collective call to action, urging communities to continue fostering open and inclusive environments at the local level.

The ADL Zavidovići Association, as Adamowicz Award 2023 laureate, stands as a shining example of the positive impact local initiatives can have on communities worldwide

The Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award Ceremony is an affirmation of the enduring principles that underpin local governance. It reinforces the idea that even in the face of adversity, communities can thrive through solidarity, courage, and a commitment to democratic values.

Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of this important event, where courage and excellence take centre stage, and the ADL Zavidovići Association emerges as a hope for positive change. As we anticipate the Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award Ceremony, we recognise its significance in furthering the legacy of local democracy and inspiring communities to strive for excellence.