Meeting with M. Elbert Krasniqi — Minister of Local Government Administration (RKS)

Окт 07, 2021

Good governance

After a long period of virtual contacts and meeting, ALDA Secretary General took the occasion to visit in person some key Western Balkan countries where ALDA is working.

Thus, on September 28th, 2021, Antonella Valmorbida landed in Kosovo* where she arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, and the deputy General Secretary in the Ministry, Trim Berisha  and other Minister’s councillors.

The main objective was to work on a concrete proposal to support good local governance in Kosovo*.

Bearing in mind the commitment of Kosovo* to achieve EU integration, the challenges of governance and local development, ALDA proposed to support the role of Local Authorities in the EU integration process, raise awareness among the local authorities and the central government about the importance of the local dimension in the integration process.

Meeting  M. Krasniqi to work on a concrete proposal to support good local governance in Kosovo*

Moreover, ALDA’s large European network can put in place advocacy activities for Kosovar local authorities towards EU institutions and other key stakeholders in Brussels.

Such a proposal is rooted in the major role ALDA has been playing in enhancing the capacity development of municipalities all over Europe. Thus, the delivery of capacity building for the good management of EU funds, the promotion of EU programmes, as well as needs assessment for the development of municipalities is among the priorities of this proposal.

The meeting concluded on an important not, underlying the prominence of cross-border cooperation as a fuel for local development and regional cooperation in the Balkans.

All in all, ALDA wants to bring new perspective and new visions in the Balkan region and put in place concrete tools to support local municipalities.