Program of screenings and debates on globalisation, Nis, April – May 2011

Апр 02, 2011

Good governance

In cooperation with the French Cultural Center Nis and the Office for European Affairs of the City of Nis, with the support from the French Embassy in Belgrade, LDA CSS realised a series of screenings of films and debates on globalisation. The program aimed to introduce citizens of Nis with the phenomenon of globalisation in the areas of life most affected by it.

Debates and speakers, professors from the University of Nis, enabled the public to reflect on all the basic forms of globalisation — economic, political and cultural and their effect on their personal life and local communities where they live.

This programme has been organised by Camille DURAND currently studying as a Fifth Year Student at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in LILLE (France), as a part of her three-month internship in LDA.