Promoting good governance and citizen participation: ALDA’s impact in Sireti Village

Фев 15, 2024

Citizens engagement Good governance

The office of ALDA in Moldova, dedicated to promoting good governance and citizen participation at the local level, has been making significant strides in fostering partnerships between local authorities, citizens, and civil society organisations (CSOs). Since 2023, ALDA has been actively involved in the «Civil Society for European Integration» project, funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

This project aims to align budgetary priorities with the EU Association Agenda at both national and local levels

One notable achievement within this project is its monitoring of the budget allocated for development projects in the village of Sireti, located in the Straseni district. By engaging all local stakeholders – including local authorities, CSOs, and citizens – ALDA in Moldova has played a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability in the utilisation of development funds.

Recently, on February 2, they presented a comprehensive report at a public event, reflecting the monitoring of the execution of the budget allocated for development projects in Sireti village for the period 2021-2023. Viorica Tudos, the Director of ALDA office in Moldova, provided an overview of the allocated resources, the projects implemented, and evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration between various stakeholders. One key aspect highlighted in the report is the effort made by local authorities to attract funds and establish relationships with donors for the development of the locality. The report also acknowledges the mobilisation of citizens in addressing community issues, showcasing a strong partnership between the government and the people.

However, challenges remain, particularly in the implementation of participatory budgeting mechanisms. While the Sireti Municipality approved the Participatory Budgeting Regulation in November 2022, an energy emergency prevented its immediate application.

To address these challenges, the report offers several recommendations. Firstly, it suggests revising the Regulation on the implementation of participatory budgeting programs to ensure active participation in public hearings and project selection. Secondly, it emphasises the importance of transparency in decision-making processes and improving communication channels with the public.

Moreover, the report recommends the development and publication of narrative reports to inform the public about project results and implementation details, including citizen contributions, donations, and investments. These measures aim to enhance accountability and foster greater citizen engagement in local governance.

The budget monitoring report, titled «Monitoring of Sireti village infrastructure development projects with the participation of citizens and stakeholders,» is available only in Romanian. This underscores the importance of local language accessibility in promoting transparency and ensuring that citizens are informed about the development initiatives in their communities.

ALDA’s efforts in promoting good governance and citizen participation in Sireti village are commendable. By fostering partnerships between local authorities, citizens, and CSOs, and by providing valuable insights through budget monitoring activities, ALDA office in Moldova is contributing significantly to the sustainable development of local communities in Moldova.