Territorial development and multilateral decentralised cooperation

Май 25, 2011

Territorial & local development

The International Universities of Responsible Territories, UNITER RES together with the Association of Responsible Territories, TerritoiresResponsables TER RES, are organising in Foix, Toulouse (FR), 3 days seminars and workshops from the 25th to the 27th of May on the topic of territorial development and multilateral decentralised cooperation.

ALDA supports this initiative with the intervention of its Director, Ms. Antonella Valmorbida.
TER RES supports the territorial approach of development, through an inclusive strategy, growth: the interdependence, coherence and effectiveness of the political, economic, cultural and social actors at international level.
UNITER_RES is a meeting of manifold places and people, It is part of a growing process. It focuses on one particular stage: Where do we stand ? Who does what and how ? What can be achieved? Innovations are manifold, from local currencies to democratic movements with the “organic”, the “ecological”, the responsible” and the “sustainable” at all levels. “The five fingers of a hand are not the same size, but they all belong to the same hand”. This unity within great diversity is both the core and the driving force of the territorial approach to development. A multi-layer, multi -actor governance. This is what UNITER_RES is for: to discover, explain, implement this notion.
Several speeches and workshops are foreseen based on the achievements of decentralised cooperation and the reasons for which this territorial approach of development should be promoted.

Antonella Valmorbida, Director of ALDA and Alfonso Aliberti, ALDA project manager in charge of the development of the LDAs partnership, will intervene in order to present the LDAs as an efficient tool for decentralised cooperation, as resource model as well as a mediator for the multi-actor partnerships favouring good governance at local and regional level. In addition, Sasa Marinkov, Delegate of the LDA Central and South Serbia, will present the case of this latter LDA, the general methodology of the network of LDAs as well as its specific objectives and projects. Last but not least, Ilja Petronijevic, project coordinator in Kraljevo, Serbia, will also talk about the importance of the plurality of actors and international partnerships for the capacity building and the reinforcement of best practices, mentioning in particular the example of territorial cooperation between Kraljevo and Trento. The sharing of best practices as well as technical and networking competences is fundamental for the dynamics of local and regional development.