The court sentenced last administrators of ASAEL, a dissolved Spanish Local Authorities Association, to pay the debts towards ALDA

Мар 09, 2012

Good governance

Javier Abenia and Jose Luis Lasheras, last president and vice president of ASAEL, the Aragonese Association of Local Authorities, that was dissolved in late 2009 swept away by a scandal, have been sentenced to pay 30.180 euro to ALDA, to cover the debts made when they were members of the Governing Board of the Association.
The Court of First Instance considered them responsible for the non-payment of the sum due to ALDA for the realisation of European projects in which were both partners.
In the photo: Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida during a press conference in Zaragoza
«ALDA had a contract with ASAEL who did not honoured it. We are pleased that the court has agreed with us and that we should be able to recover our funds”. Stated President and Director of Alda, Per Vinther and Antonella Valmorbida. “The judgement sets out clearly the responsibilities and behavior to be expected of locally elected officials. ALDA has always promoted accountability and transparency in local governance, but it is the population of Aragon who should benefit the most from this judgment on the merits of this unacceptable behavior by its locally elected officials».
Asael was leader of some European projects in which were partners, with ALDA, other European public institutions and associations.
After developing their ordinary activity, the Aragoneses association did not disburse the agreed amount to its partners, in particular ALDA, that reported the case to the Court.
The judge has estimated the reasons presented by the Attorney Charlez Landivar and by the Lawyer Victor Sanz Pomar, representing Alda, against Javier Abenia and Jose Luis Lasheras, and has condemned them to the payment of the debts, amounting to 30.180 euro, legal interest and costs.