The Governing Board of ALDA launches the programme 2012

Фев 07, 2012

Good governance

The Governing Board of ALDA, which was held in Brussels on the 3rd of February, launched the programme 2012.
Despite the difficulties for local authorities and civil society (ALDA main partners), the organisation continues its positive trend in terms of activities and memberships. The priority will be the full support to local governance and cooperation between Local Authorities and Civil Society. The Local Democracy Agencies (today up to 13 offices) will be strengthened with projects and partners. A special focus will be given to the new LDAs (Armenia and future in Azerbaijan, in Southern Caucasus as well as the LDA in Kosovo).

The General Assembly that will be held in Udine (Italy) the 7th and 8th of June will also elect a new Governing Board, that will be fundamental to accompany the organisation through these delicate times, when local governance and citizens’ participation remain one of the strongest option to promote democracy and peace in Europe and it neighbouring countries. An ALDA 2020 Strategy is currently discussed among the members and closest partners of ALDA as well as a more precise three years Position Paper that will be approved in Udine, too. A revision of Statute will also be proposed in order to update this document with the present situation of the organisation.
The programme confirms also the strong partnership with the programme Europe for Citizenship of the DG Communication , from which ALDA receives an Operating Grant and also projects. ALDA is active member of the Structured Dialogue as well as part of the initial Alliance to prepare the 2013, Year of Citizens . ALDA will continue to work on twinning activities and it will support European Citizenship with its 150 members in Europe. ALDA will also strongly focus on the programmes in South Eastern Europe and all the possible support to further integration to the EU, based on local governance and support of local authorities. A new office in Skopije supports the programme on Local Governance of the programme of Decentralised Cooperation Basse Normandie/Macedonia and the decentralised Cooperation France/Balkans .
In Eastern Europe and Caucasus, ALDA is working with LDAs and thanks to programmes to support local Democracy, like in Belarus. It is strongly involved in the Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership as Coordinator of the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration reform and therefore, also closely working, with the Committee of the Regions on this.
As for the Southern dimension and the MED region, a further commitment as been made. Some projects will be launched in Tunisia and Algeria and potentially, it will be possible to use our experience in transitional countries to support local governance and citizens’ participation in this area .
With the launch of the programme WTD (Working Together for Development) (first steering committee 28th of March in Brussels), ALDA is also brining its experience in the field of development with the support of Local Authorities and civil Society.
Last but not the least, ALDA is interested to work with all the potential partners in Europe to achieve its mandate. It joined several networks on which it is planned to have an active participation, like Concord, Civicus and the European Movement.