The IDEATHON guide — A blueprint for active citizenship and positive change

Фев 13, 2024

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Youth empowerment & Education

In today’s world, where information flows rapidly and opinions are formed instantly, it’s crucial for every voice to be heard, especially those of young people. However, while the youth possess a plethora of ideas and perspectives, they often lack the equal opportunity to make them heard in decision-making processes. Recognising this gap, the ADD Something Meaningful project aims to provide young individuals with a platform to express themselves, shape policies, and actively participate in society. 

By addressing local challenges and amplifying the voices of young individuals, the project aims to empower them to influence decision-making processes and contribute meaningfully to their communities. At its core, the project aims to validate the importance of youth work and inspire a sense of initiative among young citizens. This is why, created as part of the project ADD Something Meaningful, we present to you the IDEATHON guide.

To further disseminate the IDEATHON method, the project has developed a comprehensive guide for youth workers and institutions working with young people

This guide serves as a valuable resource for educators, community leaders, and anyone who recognises the potential of young people as agents of positive change. Packed with practical steps and insightful explanations, it empowers individuals to organise successful IDEATHONs, dynamic initiatives designed to cultivate active citizenship, democratic engagement, and youth empowerment.

The guide delves into the foundational importance of youth participation, highlighting its multifaceted benefits for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. It underscores the value of active citizenship and democratic engagement, demonstrating how IDEATHONs can effectively cultivate these values in young minds.

The core of the guide lies in its structured approach to organising IDEATHONs. Divided into clear and sequential phases – preparation, promotion, execution, and evaluation – it provides detailed steps for each stage, ensuring a smooth and impactful experience for all participants. It champions the empowerment of young people, equipping them with the tools and confidence to actively participate in shaping their communities. By fostering collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, IDEATHONs have the potential to unlock a wave of positive change, driven by the boundless energy and innovative spirit of young minds.

Firstly, emphasising the importance of thorough preparation, it outlines crucial aspects such as identifying local challenges, establishing clear goals, and assembling a qualified team. It also offers valuable advice on selecting suitable venues, materials, and activities that effectively spark creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving. The guide additionally explores various methods for reaching the target audience, ensuring that a wide range of voices and perspectives are represented in the IDEATHON.

The ADD Something Meaningful project serves as a platform for change, empowering young people to become active agents of social transformation. By providing them with the guide and the opportunity to voice their ideas and shape policies,the project not only strengthens democracy but also nurtures a generation of engaged and responsible citizens. Through initiatives like the IDEATHON method, the project paves the way for a more inclusive and participatory society, where every voice matters.