Theatre of Communities in Places of Crisis and Rebirth. ALDA partner of the Project “Caravan: Artists on the Road”

Июн 28, 2011

Citizens engagement Linked project:

In the next three years ALDA will be in charge to coordinate and organise local public events (including theatre performances) in France, Belgium, Serbia and Croatia within the project «CARAVAN. Artists on the Road».
It is a project of Community Theatre conducted by a multi-disciplinary partnership that includes 11 cultural organisations from 9 European countries. Partner leader of the project is the CRT Foundation (Turin, Italy), supervisor artistic and methodological of the project will be the Master in Social and Community Theatre of the Faculty of Education – DAMS, University of Turin.
The idea of a traveling theatre production that involves the community by making it the protagonist of the show earned to the project the first place in Europe.
In the evaluation conducted by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) for the European Commission, CARAVAN got a score of 99/100, ranking first among the 61 submitted applications for funding across Europe.
It’s the first time that a foundation of banking origin obtained a similar result in a European tender, as leader.

Other partners of the project are Universidade da Coruna (Spain), Teater Spira (Sweden), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret (Denmark), Projekte, Action, Kunst, Theater P.A.K.T. eingetragener Verein (Germany), Wydzia Sztuk Piknych Projektowych Wyszej Szkole Informatyki (Poland), Movimento delle Associazioni di Volontariato Italiano Onlus (Italy), Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (Slovenja) and Municipal Theatre Vazrajdane (Bulgaria).

The project originates from the economic, social and cultural crisis that in recent years has had a major impact on society throughout Europe. It plans to tackle the theme of «Rebirth of the crisis» through the creation of cultural and artistic performances, based on the methodology of social and community theatre, in order to foster the social and cultural empowerment of the communities affected by the crisis in symbolic places.

The central element in the project is the «Theatre Caravan» traveling, a vehicle with multimedia equipment, which will make a tour through Europe. The Caravan will make about 40 stops in 11 countries in Europe, staging more than 50 performances completely free to the public.
The Caravan will travel a total of 13.000 km through Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, returning finally to Italy.

The performances will take place in different contexts, such as, for example, outside of historic houses, squares, schools, hospitals, railway stations, but always in public spaces to engage the local population.
ALDA participated to the launch event in Turin (21st-22nd of June) where will be held, on next September, the second preparatory meeting.