Time to be Generative! 50xcento training for young leaders

Окт 16, 2021

Youth empowerment & Education

On September 30th the training course for young leaders “50xcento” took place in the home of the Associazione Caracol Olol Jackson in Vicenza, Italy.

The free course was directed at young people who wanted to be “the real engine of Italian development”, who were interested in the growth of the community in which they live and who wanted to become active protagonists of a new life of  society by putting people first.

The main objective of the course was that the young leaders learn the basic values and skills to be truly “generative” and not let the system of instant gratification and consumerism affect their drive to change their environment for the better. It looks like they have!

50xcento to be the real engine of Italian development

More than 20 bright young people gathered in Vicenza, from morning until late afternoon, to reflect and work on the questions and ideas proposed by the coordinator Paolo Pezzanatrainer from Generatività. Participants had also the opportunity to share a meal and enjoy beautiful performances of live music and dance.

During the experience young adults worked together to build a cardboard structure representing what they would like their own city to be like, learning from each other and appreciating the fact that everybody had a unique personal skill set to share in order to make something everybody would be proud of.

After an entire day spent together, caring for and learning from each other, the participants set off to a nearby park to take pictures and share on social media the fruits of their labour, in order to further the scope of the change that, if they so wish, they can begin to achieve.

50Xcento is promoted by ARC, the Research Centre of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, and by the Alliance for Social Generativity, a constantly expanding national project born from a movement developed within ARC, which brings together different organisations, especially enterprises, promoting generative culture in the country. 50xcento is sponsored by Fondazione Cattolica