Two years of war in Ukraine: ALDA continues to stand with the country and its population. Today, more than ever.

Фев 24, 2024

It has been two years since the tremendous and brutal Russian aggression fell upon Ukraine, leaving scars etched into the hearts and lands of its resilient people. As we commemorate this solemn anniversary, we are reminded not only of the unspeakable pain and suffering endured by countless innocent lives, but also of the unwavering spirit of resilience that emerged from the depths of adversity. The echoes of anguish still resonate in the war-torn streets, where houses, once a symbol of hope, are now mere remains of a shattered reality. Yet amidst the rubble and ruins, there is a flame of resilience, burning brightly in the eyes of those who refuse to surrender to tyranny. As we pause to reflect on the tumultuous journey of the past two years, we stand, today more than ever, in solidarity with the brave country and its people in order to continue to fight for their freedom, their dignity and their right to a future free from the chains of oppression.

As the conflict in Ukraine persists, organisations like the ALDA are stepping up efforts to support peace, resilience, and reconstruction in the country. Especially during these two years, ALDA’s presence and initiatives in Ukraine have been crucial in addressing the multifaceted challenges arising from the ongoing conflict.

In a significant development, ALDA has expanded its operations to Kyiv, Ukraine, reflecting the growing interest and dedication of Ukrainian municipalities and organisations to promote democratic values and collaborate with the European Union. With Khrystyna Kvartsiana leading the team as ALDA Country Representative, the organisation aims to engage Ukrainian members in various projects, including the establishment of new Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) across the country, next to the ones already existing:  LDA Mariupol, LDA Dnipro and LDA Odesa.

ALDA’s collaboration with programmes like U-LEAD with Europe has been instrumental in advancing its mission and initiatives in Ukraine. Through projects such as the «Local Democracy Agencies: An Instrument for Cooperation, Community Cohesion, and Development in Ukraine,» ALDA is working towards fostering collaboration and development in Ukrainian communities.
Furthermore, ALDA has secured significant grants to support community development and resilience in Ukraine.

ALDA’s Flagship Initiative in Ukraine underscores its commitment to expanding the network of LDAs as efficient instruments of peace and social cohesion

Through initiatives like the «International Conference on Decentralised Support to Ukrainian Communities,» ALDA brings together local authorities and civil society actors from Italy, Europe, and Ukraine to discuss concrete proposals for reconstruction and solidarity efforts.

The ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine has not only devastated critical infrastructure but also undermined fundamental structures of governance and society. ALDA’s efforts in this situation align with the Lugano Declaration, seeking to support the inclusive recovery of Ukraine and its communities through multilateral decentralised cooperation.

As ALDA continues its work in Ukraine, it remains committed to fostering positive change and addressing the diverse needs of communities affected by the conflict. Through collaboration, innovation, and resilience-building initiatives, ALDA strives to contribute to Ukraine’s journey towards a peaceful and democratic future.

Over the past two years ALDA’s initiatives in Ukraine have been pivotal in supporting peace, resilience, and reconstruction amidst the ongoing conflict. By engaging local authorities, civil society, and international partners, ALDA remains dedicated to promoting democracy and fostering sustainable development in Ukraine.

ALDA continues, today more than ever, to #StandWithUkraine.

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