Ukraine: Platform for Good Governance and Environmental Protection

Июн 18, 2021

Good governance

ALDA is very pleased to share updated information on the implementation of the project within the programme “Platform for Good Governance and Environmental Protection”, financed by UNDP Ukraine.

Froom a broad perspective, the overall aim of the project is to develop and strengthen the institutional capacity of:

  • Local authorities;
  • Representatives of civil society organisations of pilot communities in community governance, public influence on decision-making, and
  • Implementation of good governance policy using the principles of participatory democracy.

More into depth, the project envisages the delivery of 12 trainings and 12 round tables. Starting with the topic of the first training, the latter took place on June 14th -16th and it was entitled “Introduction of e-democracy in local governance and receiving feedback from the community”.

The overall aim of the project is to develop and strengthen the institutional capacity

The training was attended by 22 representatives from the Local Public Authorities of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine and by representatives of Civil Society Organisations. Representatives from:

  • UNDP Ukraine;
  • Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast Administrations and
  • ALDA

were among keynote speakers. As far as the second topic concerns, be it “Good governance: clear and transparent reporting by local authorities”, the training was attended by 21 representatives from the same territorial communities.

Overall, training sessions are based on relevant examples from international and national practice, focused on the development of professional competencies of local authorities’ leaders such as: leadership and effective team management skills; the ability to identify problems and set tasks for their solution using tools of time and crisis management. Moreover, throughout the project, each participant has to work on one idea or project (success story) s/he is willing to implement in his/her communities. In order to develop this tasks, participants will be assisted by trainers during the Coaching Sessions, providing also practical advice.

Antonella Valmorbida — Secretary General – and ALDA will also support participants by providing valuable knowledge and tools, while leading several trainings, happening at the beginning of July. This is just the beginning of a great project, more updates in the upcoming months.