Visit of Danish delegation to Nis (SRB)

Мар 13, 2012

Good governance

From 19 to 21 of March a Danish delegation will be visiting Nis, Serbia, hosting city of the LDA Central Southern Serbia. The Danish City oh Aarhus, with its International Office, department of Employment, is the lead partner of the LDA CSS. The purpose of the visit is to observe the implementation of the Danish-Serbian projects in Nis.
The delegation will be composed of the Danish Ambassador in Serbia, Mette Kjuel Nielsen, the Alderman Department of Social Affairs and Employment of the Municipality of Aarhus, Hans Halvorsen, the Director of the Department, Erik Kaastrup-Hansen, Flemming Meyer, representative of City of Aarhus, and the President of ALDA Per Vinther.
The delegation will visit Job Center Nis which is a project funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore the delegation has scheduled meetings with the mayor of Nis, National Employment Service, the Socio-Economic Council and Employment Council of Nis. Delegation will also include a visit to Aarhus International Office in Nis and Local Democratic Agency LDA Nis which have been cooperating closely since late 2010. The aim of the visit is additionally to improve and strengthen the cooperation between LDA, Aarhus and Nis. During this visit an exhibition presenting Aarhus and Danish history and culture will be opened for the public in Nis. This exhibition is being organised by Aarhus International Office in Nis and Local Democratic Agency LDA Nis in cooperation with Business Law School and Preschool institution from Nis.