2030 Youth Vision: 2nd transnational partners meeting and training event

يوليو 13, 2023

Youth empowerment & Education Linked project:
2030 Youth Vision

From 4 to 7 July, 2023 the 2030 Youth Vision project partners met in Rome (Italy) for the second transnational partners meeting, hosted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale – FMD. The meeting represented a key moment to explore the work undertaken so far by the six partners and to define together the next steps of the project. During the meeting, the ALDA and CREAS presented the collection of 24 good practices carried out in Europe regarding youth participation in the production of local strategies and activities. DRPDNM presented the information and awareness material addressed to young people to be used, together with the good practices, in the Local Labs that will be set up in September in Catadau (Spain), Lousada (Portugal), Novo Mesto (Slovenia) and Rome (Italy).

In parallel with the partner meeting, a training activity for youth workers and local agents was held by some FMD, CREAS and ALDA experts. The aim of the training was to provide youth workers and local agents with tools to support the inclusion of youth in the local strategic planning process.

Through different methodologies, the partners trained participants about SDGs, Agenda 2030, participatory processes and strategic planning

The training has been fondamental for participants in order to be prepared in setting up the Local Labs that will focus on the co-design of a participatory process together with youngsters. 

In conclusion, the second transnational partners meeting was an intense and fruitful opportunity, both for the partners to prepare for the next phases of the project, and for the training participants who acquired news skills and knowledge.