Explore the New ALDA Website: Promoting Local Democracy Globally!

يناير 16, 2024

Welcome to the redesigned ALDA website – your gateway to the vibrant world of local democracy, civic engagement, and global cooperation! Our fresh digital space is crafted to enhance accessibility and provide a comprehensive overview of ALDA’s initiatives.

Navigate through ALDA’s mission and vision, where we articulate our dedication to local democracy, active citizenship, and collaboration between local authorities and civil society. Meet the individuals who form the backbone of our organisation, driving positive change globally.

Stay informed with the latest updates on our activities. Our new news section keeps you in the loop, offering insights into the dynamic landscape of local and global democracy. Also, don’t forget to explore the diverse projects we are spearheading at the local, regional, and global levels. These initiatives are geared towards promoting democracy and civic activism, contributing to positive transformations in communities worldwide.

Our commitment to supporting local democracy transcends borders, and these resources serve as valuable tools for change

Discover upcoming events, webinars, and initiatives that aim to engage society in building resilient local communities. Participate in conversations that matter and contribute to the discourse on democracy.

NEW Incredible Sections!

Unveil our Thematic Hubs – dedicated working groups where ALDA organises events, conferences, workshops, and debates. By joining these hubs, you’ll deepen your understanding of various topics, actively participate in activities, and share your expertise. 

#ALDAmember – you will have the possibility to find out more about the diverse members of ALDA and explore how you can become one! As an #ALDAmember, you can easily connect with an international network of local stakeholders, unlocking benefits, project development opportunities, and funding avenues. Our network continues to grow, creating a robust community.

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This new website stands as a proof of ALDA’s commitment to promoting democracy and participation at the local level. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support and invite you to explore the site. Let’s work together to strengthen local communities worldwide!