ALDA Governing Board welcomes new Members: local actors as drivers of change in Ukraine

Août 22, 2023

Développement territorial et local

The latest ALDA Governing Board meeting took place on August 21, 2023 and it has been a fruitful opportunity to further enhance ALDA’s presence and support to democracy and communities in the region.

As the ongoing war against Ukraine is still damaging fundamental structures of Ukrainian society and governance, ALDA believes that it is important to focus on the action of local governments and local civil society organisations since they are active on the ground to ensure that basic services are still provided to people. 

Indeed, ALDA Governing Board met for an online session that introduced some great news regarding ALDA’s cooperation with local actors in Ukraine, as yesterday 5 new Ukrainian Members have joined ALDA.

Thus, the Governing Board gathered specifically to discuss and give feedback about the application of several potential new members: 

Local ukrainian actors as drivers of good local governance, stabilisation and cohesion

According to the new procedure, the new members presented themselves, their teams and their organisations activities to strengthen the knowledge of the Governing Board members about their everyday commitment to local democracy. One after another, potential members took the floor and presented their local reality, strategies and challenges to improve local democracy and citizens’ participation, including examples of present and past good practices they implemented in these fields. 

As a conclusion to this Governing Board session, all members have been welcomed as new members of ALDA

ALDA looks forward to working together and believes that these entities, as new ALDA members, can even more assert themselves as instruments of stabilisation and cohesion in a community that is torn by the conflict. The community needs help and long and medium term support along the path towards unity.

Thus, we give a warm welcome to all news Members of our network and cannot wait to begin to work side by side in order to keep enhancing local democracy around Europe and its Neighbourhood! 


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