Participation of Women for the Advancement and Innovation of Tunisia


PARFAIT aims at increasing women participation at local level by giving them the means to fully access the public sphere – as voters and candidates, but also as empowered, informed and involved citizens in order to make the implementation of the decentralisation process a success for every citizen. The project specifically targets six Tunisian governorates: Gasfa, Kairouan, Grand Tunis, Jendouba, Kebili and Mahdia.


  • Increasing women’s participation in the local governance process in Tunisia.
  • Contribute to the improvement of women’s participation to the decision-making processes in the targeted governorates;
  • Promote the integration of the gender dimension by local authorities in all their actions;
  • Promote a shared vision of the place of women in local and regional public life through the opening of spaces for dialogue and collective learning.


The principal outcomes of the project are:

  • Capacity building for 180 women (30 per governorate) trained to be actors of change within their local community;
  • Support and coaching for women running for local elections;
  • Creation of a political and media stage less hostile towards women;
  • Increased voter turnout in the targeted governorates;
  • Improved women’s participation in decision-making at local level and better use by women of the local democracy tools;
  • Implementation of local policies taking into account the gender dimension.