The Schuman Declaration at the heart of the new project DESIRE

Fév 09, 2021

EU values and Enlargement

How can we talk about the Schuman Declaration? How to foster the civic engagement of younger generations? How art can help talking about solidarity, diversity and citizenship? This is the goal of the European project: DESIRE – DEclaration of Schuman: Initiative for Revitalizing Europe, a project funded by Europe for Citizens programme.

The beginning of the year is often a great opportunity to start new activities and actions. In this light, the DESIRE project’s project partners met on the 26th of January.  The consortium,  gathering municipalities, NGOs, and cultural centres from different parts of Europe, is leaded by Comune di Lavarone (Italy) and composed by Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent (Italy), Union of Bulgarian black sea local authorities (Bulgaria), Municipio de Valongo (Portugal), Danube 1245 (Serbia), Zdruzenie Institut za razvoj na zaednicata (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Administration Communale de Grez-Doiceau (Belgium), Fundacio de la Comunitat Valencia de Patrimoni Insdustrial i (Spain), Kulturni centar Osijek (Croatia), ALDA (France).

“This project aims at involving youth about solidarity, diversity, citizenship”

This project wants to involve the younger generation on the topics of solidarity, diversity, citizenship, and in particular on the construction of the European Union and the Schuman Declaration.

The main objective is to actively involve youth in approaching history in a proactive way. Through the co-creation of artistic tools, as videos, theatre, games, audio narratives, partners will accompany groups of youth citizens in re-discovering history and in debating on EU values as intercultural dialogue, peace and solidarity. Each partner will create, imagine and implement art activities with each group of young people.

Let’s catch up during the next months to discover the stunning work they are doing!