1st Youth Forum Exchange and 3rd transnational partner meeting in Novo Mesto, 1-5 April 2024

tra 18, 2024

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Youth empowerment & Education

2030 Youth Vision partners and young people met at First Youth Forum in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

From April 1 until 5, some of the youngsters involved in the Local Labs that were held in Rome by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in Spain by the Municipality of Catadau, in Portugal by the Municipality of Lousada and in Slovenia by DRPDNM, met for the First Youth Forum Exchange Ii Novo Mesto, Slovenia. They had the chance to get to know each other, share experiences from the Local Labs, and explore the 2030 Agenda and SDGs with a panel discussion on the role of youth in achieving sustainable development goals.

Among the numerous activities, time was dedicated to cultural activities such as a workshop to celebrate various cultures, traditions, and ethnicities, promoting inclusivity and reducing inequality.

Moreover, the youngsters got to experience how technology and innovation can contribute to achieving Agenda 2030

They also were invited to engage in Traditional Dance and Music Showcases, where traditional dances and music performances highlight themes of gender equality and empowerment, and a Theater Performances Addressing Social Issues workshop. 

In parallel to the Youth Forum Exchange, on April 4, ALDA and CREAS joined the other partners for the Third Transnational Partners meeting, which took place in Novo Mesto too. The partners who implemented the first phase of the Local Labs, shared insights, successes and challenges from the activities and the next steps of the project implementation were discussed. 

Furthermore, on April 5 the partners were engaged in the Local dissemination event, and participated in a round table discussion with the youngsters about “the Role of the media in promotion of SDG and participation of youth”.

The First Youth Forum was a significant step forward in empowering youth in influencing local policies in the context of the SDGs and to face the most significant challenges for their future. The Second Youth Forum will take place in Catadau (Spain) to discuss the results of the second phase of Local Labs.